A Hike into History

(Photo Source: American Hiking Society)
(Photo Source: American Hiking Society)

Many have ventured out into the wild to extrapolate the meaning of life and oneself for centuries. Some religious figures are believed to interact with nature to gain higher connection or understanding. The Hindus believe their god Shiva meditates atop the Kailash mountain. It is understood by Buddhists that Buddha meditated under a fig tree to find enlightenment. The past is filled with the importance of connecting to nature. Another example, the Native American ritual of the vision quest.

The purpose of the vision quest is to find ones way in life and in ones community. One enters nature alone without tools or materialistic objects, and fasts for a duration of 3 days (give or take). Usually vision quests are completed to gain insight and clarity; especially when going thorough life transformations such as, entering adulthood, marriage, and mourning. This allows a person to be vulnerable and connect with the world around them.

Today many hike for the same reason; as a way to relate to our outside environment. The Huffington Post stresses the advantages of taking a step out of our ever-so-connected society and interacting with the natural world such as, stress relief, inner trust, and selflessness.  As seen in BackPaker, Mark Jenkins favors solitude hiking due to the many benefits such as, growth of appreciation and self-reliance. So which trail will you take? Where will it lead you?

Comment below, I’d love to hear about your past and future adventures!




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