Creative Hiking

(Photo Source: Janemba/Tumblr)
(Photo Source: Janemba/Tumblr)

Derived from creativity, preparation and resourcefulness are essential in the wilderness. Less focus on daily tasks allows the mind to open up to thought as suggested by, Life Hacker who says, “The stereotype of the tortured worker who needs to “go for a walk” to get through his writer’s block or come up with a new idea may be more than a stereotype. At least one new study suggests that hiking—specifically a good long walk outdoors—can do wonders for your creativity…”.

BackPacker lists many tips that hikers have discovered and found handy in the outdoors such as, a patch pocket; which is a patch sewn, from the bottom and sides, onto any item such as shirts, hats, jeans, or even backpacks. A patch pocket is economical for many have old patches at home or can find one at an arts and crafts store as opposed to buying new hiking appeal.

BackPacker also sections off tips specific to women for instance, using an orange peel as a face wipe, using a coffee bag to hold trash and odor producing items, and using a plastic fork as a brush. Creek, of Willow Haven Outdoor, goes through 12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves; some of which include bandages, shelter, shoe insoles, and rope.

Many hikes exceed one day. In these cases, camping is inevitable.  Camping Hacks, featuring Perry Keydel, shares various camping tips through video editorials. Most of Keydel’s tips have multi-purposes for instance, after drinking the contents of a milk jug, he cuts the jug to create a scooper for campfire ash. Also, Keydel shows a convenient carrying method of melting the tips of straws to store spices.

All of these tips can help get those creative juices flowing, and make survival tasks easier with a lighter pack and a straighter back.

Happy Trailing!




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