Trail Eats

(Photo by: Tumblr
(Photo Source: Tumblr)

Packing food for the trail can be tricky. For lighter packs and fuller stomachs, preparation is key. The Yummy Life shares whole days worth of lightweight prepared meal plans.  A days food plan looks like, Breakfast: Oatmeal with dry fruit and instant coffee. Lunch: Individually wrapped cheese and sausage with seed crackers. Snack: Granola bar, trail mix, and peanut butter. Dinner: Instant meals (just add water) like Creamy Alfredo Noodles.

If hikers are feeling more advantageous, use the campfire to cook meals. Old WoodFire Grill’s recipe for biscuits is easy and versatile. Just wrap dough (pre-made or store bought) around a large stick, securing one end, and toast in the fire. When the dough is baked, remove the stick, and insert any desired stuffings such as eggs, cheese, butter, or even chocolate. 

Quesadillas are another easy campfire meal. After topping of the tortilla with your favorites, wrap the quesadilla in tin foil, and stick it over the fire.

After a long hike, some treats are well deserved. Roasting popcorn over the fire is a campfire classic. This recipe by Real Simple is low in calories, and includes two things most hikers always have packed; string and aluminum foil.

Banana Boats are also a healthy campfire treat.  Slit the peel of a banana and stuff chocolate chips or nuts inside, then plop it on a grill rack over the fire, and voila.

Donuts are usually an uncommon camping food, but not for Thoreau’s Daughter who shares an easy campfire delight.

Hope these recipes take your taste buds on a hike!

Happy Trailing!




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