Take on the Trails with a Lens

(Photo by: Madison Lotierzo)

Photography often goes hand in hand with hiking. Many trails lead to scenic views that have most hikers grabbing for a camera, but photographing is not just simply taking a shot . So for hikers without professional camera skills, here are a few tips to capture  moments on the trails.

Before snapping away, hikers should be aware of the rules for photographing national parks. Most hikers taking landscapes, still-life’s, or even selfies will not need to worry about requiring a permit, but one is needed for instance, when using props or a model.

While photographing in a natural environment, wildlife is expected to be encountered. BackPacker suggests tips for wildlife snapshots such as, adjustments for zoom and focus.

Shooting in natural environments requires a great deal of flexibility since the lighting cannot be controlled, yet that allows for photographers to get creative, but keep in mind these tips for shooting in natural light; which include the usage of a lens hood, and the filtration of back lighting.

The Photography Express highlights some techniques for shooting sunsets. The trick is to reduce the camera’s exposure  to produce an even coloring of both the subject and vibrant background.

A tripod is a great tool to consider when photographing outdoors. It enables stable shots that produce focused and well lit images, but stray away from these eight common tripod mistakes.

Tripods do come with a price, so for those hikers who want to save a little and get creative, make your own tripod out of bamboo.

Before snapping away, here are some inspirational landscape shots that display various usages of light.

Happy Trailing!




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